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24/7 Group specialises on online and mobile platform for tourism related activities in major cities around the world. Our platforms allow users to plan their travel itinerary, providing up-to-date listings on restaurants, shows, accommodation, attractions and leisure activities in the cities. Our mobile apps enable users to browse the information and discover what’s on offer in each of the cities we currently have in our platform portfolio.

Not only is 24/7 Group of platforms great for users, but it also serves as a platform for advertising and marketing your enterprise, there is room for small and big businesses alike. Entice your customers with offers, tap into an untouched customer base, launch your latest brand. With 24/7 Group, you can, and you will succeed in growing your business! It’s just another way we help you provide the best possible experience to your customers, by offering choices. It’s a win-win for everyone. Our team consists of expertise in App development, marketing and sales professionals from the UK and the Middle East.

The 24/7 Group team resides at JLT. Teamwork is at the core of our values and we welcome you all to be a part of our team. We believe a strong, dedicated and happy team are vital to a successful business. At 24/7 Group our mission is to be of service to both consumers and businesses alike. Integral to our success is our fundamental belief in balancing the pursuit of excellence with a friendly, flexible approach. Creativity is the heart and soul of major cities, and we wish to embrace this framework to build a successful model. It is our pleasure to take your business on this journey with us.
The following platforms are part of the 24/7 Group.
Dubai24-7.com |    Abudhabai24-7.com |   London24-7.uk.com |   Singapore24-7.online |   Qatar24-7.com |   Hongkong24-7.com |   Bahrain24-7.com

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